ENT Cosmetic Surgeon: Mr Mark Simmons

Mr Simmons has gained additional training with world leaders in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery.
Unlike many purely Cosmetic Surgeons, who offer cosmetic procedures for all parts of the body, he concentrates his cosmetic surgery practice solely on reshaping surgery for the Ear and Nose. This allows a greater understanding of the anatomy and surgical techniques needed in these complex areas. By concentrating on this small area he undertakes many more of the same procedures so adding to his experience.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

The shape of the nose depends on the interplay between the nasal skeleton and covering skin. The skeleton is complex 3 dimensional bone and cartilage structure, which both supports the bridge/tip of the nose and also gives the nose shape. The thickness and nature of the covering skin also can affect the nasal aesthetics. Everybody’s nose is slightly different. These structures may also have been damaged/ changed by any nasal trauma previously received.

A detailed knowledge of these structures and experience in assessing them is vital in the decision process of what alterations are possible or advisable. Certain structures need to remain to ensure adequate support following surgery. With a background in ENT surgery Mr Simmons is skilled in preserving or improving your nasal airway as well as undertaking cosmetic alterations in the way it looks. He was mentioned in the 'Best for Noses' section of the 2015 Tatler magazine Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery guide. He also has an interest in Coblation Rhinoplasty for Rhinophyma.

Rhinoplasty ( also known as ‘Nose Job’ surgery) can normally be undertaken as a day case procedure.


Otoplasty Surgery for the Ear

Prominent ears are common and often cause an individual to be self conscious and distressed. Some may unkindly refer to these as ‘Bat ears’. Otoplasty is the simple day case surgical procedure to correct the protrusion. One or both ears may be prominent, but often surgery to both is needed to allow the best symmetry to be achieved.

The ear may protrude different amounts at the top portion, the mid portion or the ear lobe area. Different techniques are needed to address each of these anatomical variants.

Mr Simmons can assess your ears and advise what is causing the prominence and advise what surgical correction may be possible.