Children's Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Common children's ENT conditions can include:


Hearing Problems

Minor hearing problems are common and often just need good diagnosis and monitoring as many resolve spontaneously. If glue ear becomes established and the hearing is persistently reduced a simple day case procedure to insert ventilation tubes (grommets) normally resolves this.


Ear Ache

Ear ache is not uncommon in children and may come from the ear or be a referred pain from elsewhere (such as teething pains). A detailed examination is needed to find the cause and target the correct treatment.


Ear Infections

Persisting pain, smell or discharge from a child’s ear may indicate an infection. If the discharge is longer term the ear should be inspected and cleaned in clinic to exclude a more dangerous underlying cause such as cholesteatoma, which may need operative treatment.


Blocked/ Runny Nose

Blocked nose and nasal secretion symptoms are common in children. Usually they tend to grow out of these symptoms, but sometimes surgery to the turbinates (air conditioning bones) or adenoids is needed. Nasal allergy can also cause a blocked/ runny nose.


Nasal Allergy

This is common in children and can cause clear discharge, itching and sneezing. Allergy tests may be able to direct the specific treatment.


Sore Throats / Tonsil and Adenoid Problems

The tonsils may be the cause of repeated sore throats. The adenoids can be inflamed at the same time. Tonsil and/or adenoid surgery may be necessary if the pattern becomes established. Snoring, slow eating and poor growth may mean that the tonsils and adenoids could be causing obstructive sleep apnoea and surgery is normally indicated.


Childhood Sleep Apnoea

Chronically enlarged tonsil and adenoid tissue may cause such narrowing of the airway that snoring occurs. Apnoea is where your child holds their breath or temporarily stops breathing due to the obstruction. Your child may also be a very slow eater and may be small for their age. Tonsillectomy, possibly with adenoidectomy is usually needed.


Coblation (lower pain) Tonsillectomy

I am fully trained in this newer lower pain technique and undertake it regularly. This link has further information about the technique including videos/animations. Visit:


Neck Lumps

Transient neck lumps in children often are associated with sore throats or other viral infections. Persisting neck lumps need investigation to find the cause and exclude more sinister diagnoses such as lymphoma.